A C++ library for distributed co-simulation
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Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
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 variable_io.hppDefines the coral::bus::VariablePublisher and coral::bus::VariableSubscriber classes
 fmu.hppDefines a version-independent FMU interface
 fmu1.hppClasses for dealing with FMI 1.0 FMUs
 fmu2.hppClasses for dealing with FMI 2.0 FMUs
 importer.hppFMU import functionality
 cluster.hppDefines the coral::master::ProviderCluster class and related functionality
 execution.hppDefines the coral::master::Execution class and related functionality
 execution_options.hppConfiguration options for an execution
 provider.hppDefines the coral::provider::SlaveProvider class and related functionality
 slave_creator.hppDefines the coral::provider::SlaveCreator interface and related functionality
 exception.hppExceptions specific to coral::slave
 instance.hppDefines the coral::slave::Instance interface
 logging.hppDefines the coral::slave::LoggingInstance class
 runner.hppDefines the coral::slave::Runner class and related functionality
 filesystem.hppFilesystem utilities
 fmi.hppMain module header for coral::fmi. Includes all headers in coral/fmi/
 log.hppMain header file for coral::log (but also contains a few macros)
 master.hppMain module header for coral::master. Includes all headers in coral/master/
 model.hppMain module header for coral::model
 net.hppMain module header for coral::net
 provider.hppMain module header for coral::provider. Includes all headers in coral/provider/
 slave.hppMain module header for coral::slave. Includes all headers in coral/slave/