A C++ library for distributed co-simulation
Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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 Ccoral::bus::VariablePublisherA class which handles publishing of variable values on the network
 Ccoral::bus::VariableSubscriberA class which handles subscriptions to and receiving of variable values
 Ccoral::fmi::FMUAn interface for classes that represent imported FMUs
 Ccoral::fmi::FMU1A class which represents an imported FMI 1.0 FMU
 Ccoral::fmi::FMU2A class which represents an imported FMI 2.0 FMU
 Ccoral::master::AddedSlaveSpecifies a slave which is to be added to an execution
 Ccoral::master::ExecutionCreates and controls an execution
 Ccoral::master::ExecutionOptionsConfiguration options for an execution
 Ccoral::master::ProviderClusterA common communication interface to a cluster of slave providers
 Ccoral::master::ProviderCluster::SlaveTypeInformation about a slave type
 Ccoral::master::SlaveConfigSpecifies variable values and connection changes for a single slave
 Ccoral::model::SlaveDescriptionA description of a specific slave
 Ccoral::model::SlaveTypeDescriptionA description of a slave type
 Ccoral::model::VariableAn object that identifies a variable in a simulation, and which consists of a slave ID and a variable ID
 Ccoral::model::VariableDescriptionA description of a single variable
 Ccoral::model::VariableSettingAn object which represents the action of assigning an initial value to a variable, or to connect it to another variable
 Ccoral::net::EndpointA protocol/transport independent endpoint address specification
 Ccoral::net::ip::AddressAn object which identifies an internet host or network interface as either an IPv4 address or a textual name
 Ccoral::net::ip::EndpointAn object which identifies an endpoint for Internet communication as a combination of an address and a port number
 Ccoral::net::ip::PortAn object which represents an internet port number
 Ccoral::net::SlaveLocatorClass which represents the network location(s) of a slave
 Ccoral::provider::SlaveCreatorAn interface for classes that create slaves of a specific type
 Ccoral::provider::SlaveProviderA slave provider that runs in a background thread
 Ccoral::slave::InstanceAn interface for classes that represent slave instances
 Ccoral::fmi::SlaveInstanceAn FMI co-simulation slave instance
 Ccoral::fmi::SlaveInstance1An FMI 1.0 co-simulation slave instance
 Ccoral::fmi::SlaveInstance2An FMI 2.0 co-simulation slave instance
 Ccoral::slave::LoggingInstanceA slave instance wrapper that logs variable values to a file
 Ccoral::slave::RunnerA class for running a slave instance
 Ccoral::util::TempDirAn RAII object that creates a unique directory on construction and recursively deletes it again on destruction
 Cstd::enable_shared_from_this< FMU1 > [external]
 Ccoral::fmi::FMU1A class which represents an imported FMI 1.0 FMU
 Cstd::enable_shared_from_this< FMU2 > [external]
 Ccoral::fmi::FMU2A class which represents an imported FMI 2.0 FMU
 Cstd::enable_shared_from_this< Importer > [external]
 Ccoral::fmi::ImporterImports and caches FMUs
 Cstd::exception [external]STL class
 Cstd::runtime_error [external]STL class
 Ccoral::slave::TimeoutExceptionThrown when a communications timeout is reached