A C++ library for distributed co-simulation
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 NasyncFacilities for asynchronous function execution
 CCommThreadCreates and controls a background communications thread
 CCommThreadDeadAn exception that signals an error that has caused CommThread's background thread to terminate unexpectedly
 CCommThreadTaskContains the Type member alias, which defines the signature for functions executed asynchronously by CommThread
 NbusFunctions and classes related to the simulation bus structure
 CAddedSlaveUsed in ExecutionManager::Reconstitute() to specify a slave which should be added to the simulation
 CExecutionManagerManages and coordinates all participants in an execution
 CExecutionManagerPrivateImplementation class for coral::bus::ExecutionManager
 CExecutionStateThe superclass of all classes that represent execution states
 CISlaveControlMessengerAn interface for classes that implement various versions of the master/slave communication protocol
 CPendingSlaveControlConnectionA handle for a pending connection to a slave
 CShutdownException thrown when the slave receives a TERMINATE command
 CSlaveAgentA class which contains the state of the slave and takes care of responding to requests from the master node in an appropriate manner
 CSlaveConfigUsed in ExecutionManager::Reconfigure() to specify variable value and connection changes
 CSlaveControlConnectionA handle for an established connection to a slave
 CSlaveControllerA class which is used for controlling one slave in an execution
 CSlaveControlMessengerV0An implementation of ISlaveControlMessenger for version 0 of the master/slave communication protocol
 CSlaveProviderClientA class for communicating with a single slave provider
 CSlaveProviderOpsAn interface for the services offered by a slave provider, for use with MakeSlaveProviderServer()
 CSlaveSetupConfiguration data which is sent to each slave as they are added to the simulation
 CVariablePublisherA class which handles publishing of variable values on the network
 CVariableSubscriberA class which handles subscriptions to and receiving of variable values
 NerrorException types and error handling facilities
 CPreconditionViolationAn exception which is used to signal that one or more of a function's preconditions were not met
 CProtocolNotSupportedException thrown on an attempt to use an unsupported protocol
 CProtocolViolationExceptionException thrown when communication fails due to a protocol violation
 NfmiClasses and functions related to the Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI)
 CFMUAn interface for classes that represent imported FMUs
 CFMU1A class which represents an imported FMI 1.0 FMU
 CImporterImports and caches FMUs
 CSlaveInstanceAn FMI co-simulation slave instance
 CSlaveInstance1An FMI 1.0 co-simulation slave instance
 NmasterAPI for use by applications that implement a simulation master
 CAddedSlaveUsed in Execution::Reconstitute() to specify a slave which should be added to the simulation
 CExecutionMaster execution controller
 CProviderClusterA common communication interface to a cluster of slave providers
 CSlaveTypeInformation about a slave type
 CSlaveConfigUsed in Execution::Reconfigure() to specify variable value and connection changes
 NmodelTypes and constants that describe model structure
 CSlaveDescriptionA description of a specific slave
 CSlaveTypeDescriptionA description of a slave type
 CVariableAn object that identifies a variable in a simulation, and which consists of a slave ID and a variable ID
 CVariableDescriptionA description of a single variable
 CVariableSettingAn object which represents the action of assigning an initial value to a variable, or to connect it to another variable
 NnetNetworking, communication and general-purpose protocols
 NipFunctions and classes used for communication over the Internet Protocol
 CAddressAn object which identifies an internet host or network interface as either an IPv4 address or a textual name
 CEndpointAn object which identifies an endpoint for Internet communication as a combination of an address and a port number
 CNetworkInterfaceInfoInformation about a network interface
 CPortAn object which represents an internet port number
 NreqrepClasses that implement a generic request-reply meta-protocol
 CClientA backend class for clients that communicate with a Server
 CServerA generic server class for simple request-reply protocols
 CServerProtocolHandlerAn interface for classes that implement the server side of request-reply protocols, to be used with Server
 NserviceDynamic network service discovery
 CBeaconA class for broadcasting information about a service, so it can be automatically detected on a network
 CListenerA class for detecting services on a network
 CTrackerA class for keeping track of services on a network
 NudpFacilities for communication over the User Datagram Protocol (UDP)
 CBroadcastSocketA class for sending and receiving UDP broadcast messages
 NzmqxFunctions and classes that extend or wrap the ZeroMQ API
 CRepSocketA server socket for communication with one or more client nodes in a request-reply pattern
 CReqSocketA client socket for communication with a single server node
 CEndpointA protocol/transport independent endpoint address specification
 CReactorAn implementation of the reactor pattern
 CSlaveLocatorClass which represents the network location(s) of a slave
 NprotobufFunctions for using Protobuf with ZMQ
 CSerializationExceptionException that signals failure to serialize or deserialize a message
 NdomainFunctions for constructing and parsing messages sent between domain participants
 CHeaderThe information in a message header
 NexecutionFunctions for constructing and parsing messages sent between execution participants
 CRemoteErrorExceptionException which signifies that the remote end sent a DENIED or ERROR message
 NproviderAPI for use by applications that implement a slave provider
 CSlaveCreatorAn interface for classes that create slaves of a specific type
 CSlaveProviderA slave provider that runs in a background thread
 NslaveAPI for use by applications that implement a simulation slave
 CInstanceAn interface for classes that represent slave instances
 CLoggingInstanceA slave instance wrapper that logs variable values to a file
 CRunnerA class for running a slave instance
 CTimeoutExceptionThrown when a communications timeout is reached
 NutilMisc. utilities (i.e., stuff that didn't really fit anywhere else)
 NzipUtilities for dealing with ZIP archives
 CArchiveA class for reading ZIP archives
 CExceptionException class for errors that occur while dealing with ZIP files
 CTempDirAn RAII object that creates a unique directory on construction and recursively deletes it again on destruction