A C++ library for distributed co-simulation
bus Directory Reference


file  execution_manager.hpp [code]
 Defines the coral::bus::ExecutionManager class.
file  execution_manager_private.hpp [code]
 Defines the coral::bus::ExecutionManagerPrivate class.
file  execution_state.hpp [code]
 Defines the coral::bus::ExecutionState class, along with its subclasses which represent the various states of an execution.
file  slave_agent.hpp [code]
 Defines the coral::bus::SlaveAgent class.
file  slave_control_messenger.hpp [code]
 Defines the coral::bus::ISlaveControlMessenger interface and the two related functions ConnectToSlave() and MakeSlaveControlMessenger().
file  slave_control_messenger_v0.hpp [code]
 Defines the coral::bus::SlaveControlMessengerV0 class.
file  slave_controller.hpp [code]
 Defines the coral::bus::SlaveController class.
file  slave_provider_comm.hpp [code]
 Slave provider client/server communication classes.
file  slave_setup.hpp [code]
 Defines the coral::bus::SlaveSetup class.